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Top 10 Aluminium Die Casting Machine Suppliers in China

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Top 10 Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers in China

Ever wondered where you can get aluminium die casting machine suppliers?

Die casting machines are prevalent in most manufacturing industries as these industries need to produce components of different shapes and sizes. Perhaps what makes die casting popular is the ease and efficiency it offers manufacturers to manufacture their aluminum components.

Aluminum is typically employed in many products and die casting machines help speed up the process. However, getting a suitable aluminum die casting machine manufacturer can sometimes be daunting. 

This guide contains a list of aluminum die casting machine suppliers with a history of reliable delivery to their customers over the years.

So, if you want to know more, then let’s take a look together. 


I. 10 Best Aluminum Die Casting Machine Manufacturers in China


China offers many quality aluminum die casting machine suppliers, and because of their sheer number, it is always better to know the best ones to reduce the stress of going through a long list of suppliers.

Here are the top 10 Chinese aluminum die casting machine suppliers you can consider if you are in the market to purchase one.


Top Rank

Aluminum Die Casting Machine Manufacturer






LK Machinery















Yujiang Casting









Ningbo Dongfang



1. Dynacast Dongguan



Dalang, Dongguan, China




After over 80 years of existence, Dynacast has affirmed itself as a global die casting machine manufacturer. This assertion is due to its equipment production to help other manufacturers around the world achieve their manufacturing goals. However, as a form technologies company, they focus on manufacturing small precision components employing proprietary tools and techniques that include multi-slide die casting technologies.

To enhance their production, they’ve set up manufacturing plants across the globe comprising 21 facilities in 16 countries. Consequently, they’ve set a vision and a mission to discover and add more new technologies to their already vast array of tools. Nevertheless, they aim to help manufacturers scale the demanding hurdles of production while assisting different manufacturers in launching as many as 1,000 new projects each year. 

But that’s not all. They have a vast array of advanced tools, techniques, and industry best practices which they leverage to bring die-casting projects to fruition. Still, their specialty remains producing die casting machines for various material molding, including aluminum and other metals and alloys. 

Key Products:

  • Aluminum alloy 
  • Aluminum cold-chamber die cast


2. LK Machinery



Shenzhen, China




Since its inception, LK Machinery has remained a die casting machine company focused on designing, manufacturing, and supplying die casting machines. Additionally, they also manufacture other component-forming equipment like injection molding machines. However, they have strategically located their manufacturing plants across 6 locations in China with two other plants overseas – one in Taiwan and another in Italy. These plants have a total of 800,000 square meters in coverage.

While having a staff strength of 3,600 employees working across LK Machinery’s over 60 offices and service centers in over 20 countries, customers can expect to get the best support across all their facilities. Furthermore, these employees concentrate on different die casting methods, including conventional and advanced techniques like automation techniques used for engine block’s die casting.

But what’s more, their Shenzhen and Ningbo plants can handle die casting machines of the range of 80kN to 60,000kN. Also, Zhongshan and Shanghai plants can take 20kN to 60,000kN and 2,800kN to 80,000kN, respectively, contributing to the company’s overall production. Yet, they also carry out reconditioning services for machines and upgrade old machines with quality spare parts into brand new machines.

LK is a one-stop solution for any aluminum die casting challenge you may have, and they try to deliver outstanding customer service in a timely and professional manner.

Key Products:

  • Hot chamber die casting
  • Cold chamber die casting


3. Yizumi



Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China




Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co Ltd was set up as a molding equipment manufacturer in 2002. However, it has grown by improving its mold equipment manufacturing technology. It now specializes in die casting of aluminum and design, manufacturing, and supply of various molding equipment. But clearly, their research and development strength has helped them meet customers’ needs and requirements.

In addition, to further meet customers’ various needs, they have created other business enterprises to cater to different aspects of molding equipment aside from die-casting. These other enterprises cater to robotic automation, rubber injection, injection molding, and packaging. 

Most importantly, Yimzu has three production facilities across China, including Wusha (Shunde), Gaoli, and Wujiang (Suzhou), and 1 production facility overseas in India. These facilities all have a total land area of 600,00 square meters. While each production plant has been designed to meet different business areas, they all contribute their quota to the final yearly output for the company. For instance, the Wujiang Suzhou factory produces two-platen injection molding machines with advanced manufacturing technologies and robotic automation systems. 

Key Products:

  • Injection molding machine
  • Die casting machine
  • Rubber injection machine
  • High-speed packaging system


4. Fanshun



Foshan, Guangdong Province, China 




Foshan Fanshun Machinery Co., Ltd started in 1994 and has acquired over 25 years in manufacturing molding equipment. Interestingly it has been able to build competency with the help of experienced engineers that can interpret, design, and manufacture solutions for their peculiar manufacturing needs.

Though their culture has been one of high efficiency, innovation, machine safety, and energy-saving equipment production, they are well able to deliver quality aluminum die casting machines. Notwithstanding, their production also includes equipment for other metals like brass, red copper, and alloys.

More importantly, Fashun’s focus over the years has been to meet customers’ requirements in plant configuration, product design solutions, equipment installation, and commissioning. Fortunately, they’ve built expertise to include machinery purchase in their services, projecting their expertise and delivering solutions across many countries around the world. However, this expertise has been either in equipment sales and installation or technical troubleshooting, operations, and repairs. 

Some of the world regions they’ve serviced include the Middle East, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

Key Products:

  • Coreless induction furnace 
  • Core channel induction furnace
  • Continuous casting equipment
  • Ingot/Swot casting machine


5. Lanson



Shunde District, Foshan, China




Lanson was set up in 2005 as a national technology enterprise to attend to the aluminum die casting machine and plastic injection molding machine for a teeming number of manufacturers. While its main facility occupies an area of 100,000 square meters, Lanson uses its advanced tech and equipment to manufacture, design, process, and test its production. Furthermore, its dedicated research and development team delivers turn-key die casting and molding solutions to its customers. 

Though they are often known primarily as a manufacturing company, they offer a full range of services. These services include design, marketing, and professional consulting services, which have adhered to many customers’ values. These values have been transformed into a mission to innovate new machine manufacturing with precision and highly efficient techniques. No wonder Lanson has continued to rank high in the market for quality aluminum die casting machines. 

Remarkably, they are not just providing die casting and molding machine solutions domestically in China but across many countries globally. These countries span different continents, including Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. 

Key Products: 

  • Cold chambers die casting machine
  • Die-casting machine 
  • Injection molding machine


6. Delin



Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China




Delin Intelligent Technology came into being in 1998 as a leading Chinese foundry machine manufacturer. Since then, they’ve been armed with a committed team of engineers and highly qualified technical individuals in their research and development team that has been able to meet customers’ quality production expectations and delivery. However, the important thing for them is a long-term partnership, mutual benefit, and development for both the company and customers.

Having a production facility covering an area of 68,000 square meters with over 300 staff members, including highly qualified technical officers of about 90 in number, has helped them maintain their focus. This focus has been on designing, manufacturing, and supplying molding machines, including die casting machines, foundry machines, metal polishing machines, and SPM machining.

Likewise, their machines have been used in the casting of different manufacturing components in various industries. These parts include auto parts, iron casting, pump valves, household appliances, etc. similarly, they offer on-site installation and commissioning of casting equipment and machines while also providing training, consulting, and mold design. 

Delin has infused an intelligent manufacturing process into its aluminum die casting machine production line to keep up with the rapid changes in manufacturing technology and advanced equipment. Additionally, it has expanded its manufacturing plant by 20,000 square meters while adding other advanced processes to its production lines. One good example of this additional process is a surface treatment which they hope to market globally.

Key Products:

  • Gravity casting machine
  • Low-pressure casting machine
  • Automatic core shooter machine 
  • Double head core shooting machine


7. Yujiang Casting



Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing, China




Chongqing Yujiang Die Casting Co., Ltd was founded in 1992 and has garnered over thirty years in the molding machine manufacturing industry. While their primary focus has been aluminum die-casting machine manufacturing, which they started with, they’ve managed to increase their portfolio of products over the years.

What’s most profound is their level of precision, quality standard, and production excellence that has been their endearing factor to customers over the years. Also, they have been able to develop and build innovative die casting solutions with the help of a highly experienced and qualified research and development team. 

But that’s not all. 

While expanding their expertise, they have had to collaborate with private enterprises on many research and development projects. This relationship is for new innovative product designs, die casting production, mold manufacturing, machining, and assembly to meet the peculiar needs of their teeming customers. In all, Chongqing Yujiang can manufacture up to 50,000 tons of aluminum die-casting annually, and 50,00 tons of aluminum die casting machine manufacture. 

Chongqing Yujiang continues to improve technology, process, and quality to meet customers’ changing requirements. 

Key Products: 

  • Aluminum alloy die-casting
  • Vacuum die-casting machine
  • Local squeezing machine


8. Longhua



Bengbu City, Anhui Province




Longhua was established in 1982, giving them almost four decades of designing, manufacturing, and selling aluminum die casting machines and accessories. Meanwhile, they are also very active in designing and manufacturing cold chambers, oil field equipment, and new energy for clean energy production. Nevertheless, their business model eliminates go-betweens preferring to sell directly to users as this gesture can significantly reduce purchase cost and increase value for the machine user.

But wait, there is more.

While they have partnered with well-known higher institutions of research and development to increase their knowledge frontiers, they also aim to establish a production facility for smart die casting machine manufacture, new energy equipment, and oil field equipment. Some of their institutional partners include the Anhui Science and Technology Research Institute and the Hefei Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Longhua is fully committed to quality die casting machine production, and they believe that it will help promote their product and make them a household name. 

Key Products:

  • Die casting machine
  • Die castings accessories
  • Die casting consumables


9. Delron



Cixi, Ningbo, China




When Delron was set up in 1990, it specialized in die casting machine production and precision machines. However, they are also massive in manufacturing CNC, stamping, honing, turning, forging, and product assembly. But then, their timely delivery is the trademark they have added to their quality machine production, which is very competitively priced and has helped them garner loyalty from many customers.

Fortunately, their product is used in different industries from where their teeming customers come from, and these industries include the automotive industry, aviation industry, and electrical tool industry. But beyond that, they work with advanced equipment and techniques to deliver quality die casting machines suited for aluminum and various other metals, including copper and zinc. 

Delron seeks to satisfy customers by employing quality as a tool to interact with customers, thereby building rapport and loyalty.

Key Products:

  • Aluminum die casting parts
  • Customized aluminum cast part
  • Aluminum heatsinks


10. Ningbo Dongfang



Ningbo, Zhejiang, China




Since Ningbo Dongfang Die-casting Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 1981, they have specialized in the production of cold and hot horizontal chamber die casting machines. Even so, they have delivered these products for over 38 years with the support of a dedicated research and development team. 

The R&D department of the company has been instrumental in always finding alternative and innovative ways of making the design better, which often makes manufacturing simple and easily applicable. Conversely, they have a manufacturing facility covering an area of 40,000 square meters and housing over 500 staff members who work assiduously to meet customers’ demands. These staff members continuously contribute to the yearly production of up to 10,000 aluminum die-cast machine sets for hot and cold chamber die casting machines. 

The application of their die-cast machine is broad and can be found in manufacturing automobiles, home appliances, motorcycles parts, household hardware, and instruments. Also, cold chamber die casting machines can be applied in foundry products where mass production is desired. These foundry products can include various non-ferrous metals like aluminum. 

Key Products: 

  • Hot chambers die casting machine
  • Cold chambers die casting machine
  • Aluminum die casting machine
  • Brass die casting machine


II. Benefits of Die Casting 


Die casting offers many advantages in manufacturing, and it is the production method of choice for most manufacturers in various industries. Some of these benefits include:

  • Versatility – The ability to adapt die casting for different component shapes and material is perhaps the most significant advantage. 
  • Reliability – The ability to use it to get the exact results expected is one other benefit die casting offers.
  • Easy to Assembly – To put the die casting components together requires relatively little effort compared to other production methods. 

Benefits of Die Casting


III. Common Defects of Die Casting


External Defects:

External defects can often be easily noticed as they are formed on the body of the aluminum component, and they include:

  • Cold laps – Low temperature and inconsistent flows of the molten material can cause this defect. 
  • Laminations – Introduction of fluids and dirt during die casting can cause layers that overlap in the final product. 
  • Blister – Introduction of air bubbles during die casting leaves cavities in the final product.
  • Cracks – They are often separations of planes on the body of the final component that might result from stress during die casting.
  • Lakes – Irregular solidification rates for the molten material can lead to lakes in the final component.


External Defects of Die Casting


Internal Defects:

Internal defects can sometimes be difficult to notice because they are formed inside the material of the component. However, with a suitable quality assessment method like X-ray machines testing, these defects become easily discoverable. These internal defects include: 

  • Gas porosity – Introduction of gases like oxygen during the casting can cause pores when they escape in the final product. 
  • Shrinkage porosity – It often occurs during solidification of the material as it is attracted to colder parts of the molds causing wide-spread cavities on the finished material. 
  • Inclusions – The presence of other metallic compounds during casting can cause inclusion, making it hard to mold the molten material easily.


IV. X-ray Machine: The Best System to Inspect Internal Die Casting Defects


Defects often reduce the quality and the value of a product, and since no manufacturing process is perfect, it is expected that some components might come out defective. Likewise, die casting is not immune to manufacturing errors, and it can be disastrous if defective parts leave the manufacturing facility to the final user.

Hence, the need to always put in place a practical quality assessment and quality control process to identify and isolate defective components before they get off the manufacturing plant.

Many manufacturers use ineffective quality assessment methods like visual inspection, which cannot detect many internal flaws. However, X-ray machines offer an effective way to identify flaws easily and quickly in die-cast materials during the manufacturing process. The reason is that X-ray machines generate radiation that can penetrate a material to reveal its internal composition and any defect that might be hidden inside.

The result is fast and accurate as the image generated during the inspection process can be magnified many times to expose tiny errors. 

What’s more?

Unlike destructive testing methods, the X-ray machine is a non-destructive testing method that enables a sample material to continue to the packaging section if no error was found during the inspection. 

X-ray Machine for Inspecting Die Casting


V. Find Your Best X-ray Machine Supplier in China: Uni X-ray 


Many manufacturers depend on Chinese suppliers for many tools and machines including the X-ray machine because China offers a variety of highly qualified suppliers. But more importantly, it is because they provide quality machines at very competitive prices relative to suppliers in the US and Europe.  The competitive price is due to the surplus supply of expertise and labor, which makes production less expensive.

Uni X-ray is a Chinese X-ray manufacturer that has consistently delivered quality and tailor-made X-ray solutions to meet customers’ requirements. They’ve been supplying effective X-ray solutions for close to two decades, both locally and internationally, to multinationals and blue-chip companies. Remarkably, they offer quality X-ray machines at very competitive prices than their US and European counterparts but more significant is their round-the-clock after-sales support team that is ever ready to attend to their customers’ challenges.


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In conclusion, it is nice to employ an aluminum die casting machine to produce your aluminum parts and components because of the benefits like speed and the ease of use that it offers. However, what’s more critical is an effective quality assessment tool that can detect both internal and external defects during the manufacturing process.

Top manufacturers often rely on X-ray machines for their quality inspection and assessment due to their advantages, including result accuracy and ease of integration. Chinese X-ray machine suppliers like Uni X-rays are your best bet if you want a suitable, cost-effective, responsive X-ray solution provider.

So, the ball in your court, what’s your next move?

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