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Airport Security Scanner

Is it really possible to catch the culprits who carry smuggling goods red-handed in airports? It’s not any magic, of course. A terrific technology is there behind! It can ensure complete security by identifying potential threats. That too, quickly and precisely. Let’s reveal the name of that one stop technology behind this successful management of security. It’s called Airport Security Scanner

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About Airport Security Scanner You Should Know

Table of Contents

I. What is an Airport Security Scanner?

As the name implies, the airport security scanner scans every passenger and their objects accurately in the airport to ensure full security. By checking so, the scanner can identify the illegal items such as knives, weapons, narcotic drugs, guns, explosives, harmful chemicals, etc. That’s how people who carry them will be caught red-handed in airports.

Airport security scanner checks every luggage and handbag to determine the potential threats. The passengers have to drop their bag on the conveyor belt for a complete security check. The officials examine the baggage via a TV monitor. If anything looks suspicious, they will open the baggage and inspect it in detail.

Similarly, physical examination plays a significant role in security screening. The travelers will be asked to walk through the specialized door detector. The airport officer will make use of the hand-held airport security scanner to run over your body fully. The scanner will emit an alarm noise if the traveler has any piercing item in their packets.

For the complete safety of the passengers, various types of airport security scanners are used to figure out the hidden things.


These airport security scanners are of two types:

  • Non-ionizing radiation-based scanners

Metal detectors

Millimeter wave machines

  • Ionizing radiation-based scanners

Backscatter X-ray security scanner

Cabinet X-ray security scanner


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II. Why do we need an Airport Security Scanner? 

The airport is the major hotspot for all illegal deeds. It’s because a huge number of people pass through airports round-the-clock. Hence, the airport is always populated. In that case, security becomes the topmost priority here. Furthermore, the airport officers should ensure the utmost security for each and every passenger. The prompt airport security screening helps the flights to reach their destinations safely. Similarly, no suspicious person or his/her item will enter the aircraft without going through a complete security check. That’s why it’s mandatory to have a thorough security check in the airport using the security scanner.

The significance of airport security has evolved over time. A few decades ago, airport security was neither a big concern nor that strict. However, a series of terrorist attacks, smuggling, bombing, hijacking, and drug trafficking evokes a huge concern nationally and internationally. That’s when security in the airport began to tighten.

Initially, the airport officers used to inspect in a complete manual mode without any automation. In that case, it’s a known factor that manual work is always time-consuming, isn’t it? In fact, there used to be the negligence of privacy at one point in time. Once the automated digital screening machines were launched, all these issues got solved. With the help of modern airport security scanners, it is possible to detect illegal goods quickly and precisely. Hence, both the airport officers and passengers were able to save time.


Other advantages of modern digital airport security scanners include:


  • Accurate judgment
  • It can figure out the objects like cameras, phones, explosives, etc. with their appearance
  • Specialized-grade high transmission rate
  • Re-inspection is not required


Not only in airports but these security scanners are installed in cargo screening, logistics, regional courts, etc. Even the industrial sectors, government sectors, and public hotspots have started using these security scanners to ensure safety.


III. Is the Airport Security Scanner Safe?

Many people may wonder whether the airport security scanner is safe or not since it involves X-rays. You may even think this exposure to electromagnetic radiation may harm your health. However, it’s not so. We have listed out the safety aspects herewith:


  • Airport security scanner will emit X-rays only if you switch on the machine.
  • Your exposure duration to X-rays will be strictly under control due to the availability of shielding.
  • Have you noticed thick lead curtains on the sides of the security machine? Do you think they are for dust prevention? Not exactly. The presence of lead helps in shielding the X-rays effectively.
  • Only the prescribed dose of radiation will only be emitted by the airport security scanner.
  • Always keep in mind that the dose of radiation of the airport security scanner as well as a mobile handset is nearly the same, totally negligible. Hence, you will remain safe while passing through the scanner or standing next to it.
  • For instance, you might have come across a scenario where the people rush to pick their bags from the conveyor belt during the security screening. At times, they won’t pause for the baggage to come out by itself after the screening. In that case, will that exposure harm you? The answer is no. The reason is the limit of radiation dose. Like how you won’t have any bad effect while going through a medical X-ray examination, you will be safe during the airport screening too. If the limit of radiation dose increases, it will become harmful.
  • Similarly, imagine another scenario where you might have got worried thinking whether the food items inside your bag get affected due to X-rays. Again, your food is safe. As mentioned already, the radiation dose is too low (less than 1μSv) where the food is scanned only once. Hence, it won’t induce any harm. However, people are used to consuming irradiated foods where the radiation dose is comparatively higher for sterilization.
  • The properly certified airport security scanner strictly follows the regulations with regards to radiation limit and its use. There are several guidelines to ensure the safety of the equipment as well as the operator’s health.

– In the United States, the radiation guidelines are implemented by the American Standard 1020.40 CFR

– In the United Kingdom, it’s the Ionizing Radiation Regulations 1999 which implements the radiation guidelines 

Above all, do you think you can opt-out of the airport security scanners? In the U.S., it is possible to opt-out of the scan and go for a touching search. However, you can’t do that in the U.K. No passenger can fly if he or she refuses to pass through the body scanner.


IV. Do you Know any other X-ray Machines in the Airport?

Yes, airports use other X-ray machines to find out the dangerous goods:

  • Backscatter X-ray security scanner machine
  • Cabinet X-ray security scanner machine
  • Backscatter X-ray security scanner


Since this equipment uses X-rays of a very low energy level, the risk will be too less. Hence, the airports use these X-rays to screen the passengers and their baggage to detect any weapon or explosives.

  • Cabinet X-ray security scanner

This instrument scans your carry bags, purses, and luggage as well. Since it also uses X-rays, the walls of the internal cabinet will remain thicker. Furthermore, the curtains hanging at the entry and exit points are also made of lead. This enhanced lead coating prevents these X-rays from dripping.

Both of these screening equipment has a specific purpose. They follow strict guidelines by keeping safety in mind. They have proper warning labels, alarms, as well as lights.


The airport security scanners employ the principle of single-view or double-view scattering principle:

  •       Single-view security scanner
  •       Double-view security scanner

In a single-view security scanner, X-rays pass through the target item and reach the circuit board under the conveyor belt. A radiation signal is developed which transforms into an image in the computer. Depending on the object, the intensity of X-ray penetration and image color differs.

However, when it comes to the double-view X-ray security scanners, two sets of X-ray sources and detectors are used. It generates vertical and horizontal two-view images separately. Moreover, there won’t be any overlap due to the presence of the utility model. Hence, it will be easier to identify the contrabands precisely and effectively.

Nowadays, the double-view X-ray security scanning principle is employed in all airports.



Now, the time has changed. It is not easy to go through a security check at the airport. Smugglers and terrorists may find many innovative ways to carry on their illegal works in the airport, Still, our modern airport security scanners are fully equipped to catch the illegal goods promptly, and rapidly. These scanners can save time and manpower. Above all, they fulfill the primary purpose: utmost safety with ample protection.

However, you might have understood the significance of a hi-tech airport security scanner by now. Hence, it’s time to purchase them from customer-friendly suppliers who adapt themselves to the technological update. Keep in mind that the approach to airport security is not new, but the cost, competence, staff comfort, and customer satisfaction really matters!

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